Reveal Medical Spa


Reveal Your Glow

Reveal was created to be a small, unique, medical based spa where you can find advanced skin care treatments and personalized attention. Our goal is to create an environment where you can escape for a quick rejuvenation while still experiencing transformative results.


Our services range from dermaplaning to our most relaxing Signature Facials. Keeping to our philosophy that each skin care needs will be different, we offer a variety of treatments for each client. A free skin analysis and  treatment recommendation will be discussed with your initial scheduled facial. You will find that we meticulously research each product and procedure based on science and personal experience. 

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General relaxing massage to ease aches and pains and bring tranquility.

Deep Tissue

Targeted work that is great for athletes and those with chronic pain in a specific area.


Gentle relaxing massage specifically designed to meet the unique needs of expectant moms.


Gentle tranquil session for older more fragile clients designed to ease tension and refresh the mind.